5 reason to setup messenger bot for your business

A lot has changed about Facebook, from the Cambridge analytica scandal where millions of user data were harvested and used to influence the outcome of US election and possibly the Britain exit from the European union, so most of the old Facebook marketing strategies until 2018 are now a bit obsolete. Example: you might find it difficult to run Facebook ads that contains political message or concurrency without passing through scrutiny or getting your ads flagged as inappropriate.

But in all these, Facebook still remains the favorite for online marketers, due to its large data set and a well defined audience. You can easily target your ad to a particular audience that needs your product and services and get a massive conversion rate.

A lot businesses still fail at Facebook ads, and a lot are still wasting money to covert less customers. So how do you run Facebook ads in 2019? What key ingredient are you missing out in converting more customers to your product and service?

Messenger bot integration

A lot of us must have heard of Facebook bots. Since it introduction in early 2016, a lot of marketers have benefited from the use of this automated messaging feature in driving sales, engaging with potential clients and even getting a network of subscribers.

Today there is a bot that sends you news updates, book a flight, open a bank account and even play games. And these Facebook bots have a conversion rate of over 38%.

There is a good reason why a lot of people are turning to Facebook bot more that getting email subscribers. The fact that a lot of people don’t read their emails as often as they open their messenger app and some emails might even get caught up in spam folders.

So what are you waiting for, it cost nothing to set up a good Facebook bot on manychats and you can start reaping the benefit of creating a variation in your Facebook marketing strategies.

Here are few tips after setting up your messenger bot.

Don’t spam people. You can run the risk of losing out your messenger bot subscribers when you continuously spam them with irrelevant messages or worst, they might even turn a blind eye on it.

When you run any Facebook ad to get people to subscribe to your messenger bot, it is important to target the right audience, so you don’t end up with thousands or subscribers that doesn’t care about your product and services.

For now, make the best use of your Facebook messenger bot in spicing up your marketing campaign.

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