How to promote your self on social media as a writer

You are talented young writer, praised by your friends as the next Stephen King, but you hate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram self promotion, to you this is where people go to waste their time and energy, snapping pictures and posting irrelevant stuff. The sight of snapchat filter irritates you and you would rather focus on your work offline than join a group of less enlightened people.

After all, this is you what think of them – unenlightened persons seeking self validation.

You are different, the only one among your friends that hates social media validation, the fact that some persons might go depressed over a piece of like or some random folk’s criticism on Facebook.

You don’t want people to criticize your work on social media, because they may not understand you. In fact, no one online actually understands you.

In the age of social media, you can’t afford to stay invisible on the internet, it might cost you more than you can ever imagine. There are so many talented people today whose talent might never get to be known to the rest of the world because they chose to be invisible. At the end of the day, you are not writing for yourself, you are writing for others to read.

So how to promote your self on social media as a writer on social media;

Engage with the right audience

Who are your audience? I mean those who would be interested to read what you are writing. If you can figure out who your audience are then you can promote yourself easily on social media.

If you are receiving low engagement on Facebook, it could be your current Facebook friends are not the right audience for your writing, so you need to connect more with people who are interested in your work, by attending offline meetups and workshops, you can network here and ask these people to connect with you on Facebook.

Also, don’t forget to connect with more popular writers, they can introduce you to communities of people who would be interested in your work, thereby increasing your audience.

Tell people what you do online

No one would pay attention to you on social media if you can’t get them to pay attention. It is okay to post pictures from the last writers meetup you attended, it is okay include “I am writer” on your profile bio even if you are yet to publish a book – you don’t even need to publish a book to be called a writer.

It is okay to tell people what you do irrespective of what they say about self promotion being evil. Self promotion means you have something of value to offer and you would go any length to get this thing across to people who need it.

Self promotion is an act of giving, sometimes you get criticized for putting your work out. Don’t let it stop you from working on yourself and getting yourself better each day.

Here is a quote by a Twitter user I came across last week;

“There are many talented artistes, but only a few of them have been able to thrive in the industry as the rest struggle to make their presence felt”

If you actually want your presence to be felt as a writer, you must start by putting your self out on social media, so you won’t struggle with getting an audience when it is time to become a published author.

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