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About us

Mbscholars.com is a digital marketing startup and tech news portal in Owerri offering users a wide range of online marketing product and services ranging from mobile applications to delivering your daily tech news. At Mbscholars, we make your brand visible to your target audience on the internet by writing product reviews, we also offer professional services like Search Engine optimization, Facebook Ad Marketing and overall Social Media Marketing.

Our Major Products and services include:

Tech News, event and Meetups

Mbscholars is the leading tech news portal in Owerri and we cover everything on tech news and events happening in Nigeria. We are partners with WordPress Owerri meetup, FUTO Blogging masterclass and Campus Tech build event.

Outreach and Meetups
Each month, we are part of the team that organizes WordPress Owerri, an arm of the global event that connects all WordPress users in the World together. WordPress as a CMS powers about 34% of the internet with most blog sites in Nigeria making use of the Content Management System, we reach out to these WordPress users using this platform.

Search Engine Optimization event
In the February 2019 edition of WordPress Owerri, Sunday Mba the CEO of Mbscholars was one of the keynote speakers in the event where he spent over 40 minutes educating the attendees on the need to build an online presence and how each business could benefit from this cost effective means of marketing to reach out to potential audience

Digital Training

Mbscholars also offer digital skill training to young people between the ages of 15 – 24. This is aimed at sensitizing the public on the need to embrace the growing tech and digital ecosystem.

Undergraduate Digital Skill Internship
Mbscholars offer internship to university students in Nigeria who are looking for placement in a 4 – 6 months industrial attachment program. Here, the intern will have the opportunity to participate in various digital programs like;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Computer Networking and CISCO certification
  • Web design
  • Backend and frontend programming
  • Branding
  • Mobile and desktop app development

Digital Marketing

Mbscholars help small and medium scales businesses to manage their online presence on social media and search engine. We also aim at helping our clients reduce the cost of customer acquisition by using the cheapest and most effective means of reaching out to potential customers.

We also offer branding services to help your clients better understand your product and services. This will make your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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