7 Marketing lessons from Buzzfeed viral campaigns

In case you don’t know Buzzfeed already. Buzzfeed is an American media and entertainment company founded in 2006, since then it has become a major internet sensation from viral quizzes to viral Facebook videos that gets shared millions of times.

What is it that makes buzzfeed stand out among other news and entertainment companies? Why are users so much obsessed with the platform spending so much time engaging with the content and the same time sharing it with their friends?

Here we take a look at 10 important marketing lessons from Buzzfeed, you can as well apply these lessons in building a brand people will love and share on the internet.

Use click bait titles

That moment when you scroll through your Facebook timeline ignoring some the post made by friends, pages and groups you belong. But then there is this post that catches your attention so much that you can resist. This post has a nice title and a striking image and you just want to leave everything you are doing to visit the link and read the article.

Buzzfeed understands that to get user attention on the internet is very difficult since they have a lot of things to interact with in the shortest period of time. So they use click bait titles and images to force you pay attention.

Who would’t want to read this article from Buzzfeed with a striking image and a headline that creates a sense of urgency?

Engage your audience with Quizzes

After getting people to visit your website, the next thing is to find a means of engaging your audience so well that they spend additional minutes reading other content, watching videos or even taking part in an trivia quiz.

Buzzfeed quiz exist as a seperate platform on Facebook with over 1.5 Million followers and a massive engagement on their post without any promotion.

When creating your own quiz, it is important to understand the kind of audience that will be taking part in it. Like the above quiz is meant for Harry porter fans.

Jeff Bullas had a digital marketing quiz to engage his blog readers who were into online marketing. What kind of Digital Marketer are you?

Make your Website shareable

After getting people to visit your website and engaging them with meaningful content, the next thing is to get them to share. People want to be the first to breaks an internet sensation or share a breaking news to their friends but what happens if the share buttons on our websites are not striking enough or in the worst case scenario there are no share buttons at all?

This is exactly how the share buttons on Buzzfeed website looks like, these buttons are striking enough to get a satisfied reader to share the joy with their friends.

Share buttons are also there to increase the chances of your content going viral on the internet thereby attracting new visitors to your product and services.

Every one wants to read lists
Everyone wants to read lists and top 10 articles simply because lists are easy to navigate, lists are fun. Lists can easily be shared. This is the situation of the internet, we are too busy to read everything. It is okay if we just read the list headings and decide if reading the paragraphs will be worth the time.

We are too busy to read articles, lets watch videos
Buzzfeed videos has over 11 million followers on Facebook with viral video content posted there everyday. This is an alternative for lots of people who might not have the time to read long articles no matter how interesting they might be.

Go extra mile to engage potential audience on your website and social media platform, this is the most important digital marketing lesson from Buzzfeed.

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