10 Facebook Marketing Strategies worth implementing in 2019

How much do you spend on your Facebook ad campaign? and how much do you realize from it? What if you spend less to get more customers? What if there is a magic formula that makes Facebook promotion covert most.

In a crowded social media where there are so many posts competing for short term attention. Why would someone even pay attention to your post in the first place? And then when you run a Facebook ad that is not converting, the next thing you do is to add more money. But this doesn’t always work. You don’t need additional budget to get your Facebook ad working, you need a better strategy.

Here are 10 Facebook strategies worth implementing in 2019

Use Facebook group

Earlier in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be prioritizing posts from family members and groups in determining what shows first in a user Timeline. This news had a very bad effect on businesses using Facebook page as they recorded a massive decline in user reach.

Imagine having a page of 1000 likes and followers and then publishing a post that only get seen by less than 10 persons. Think of all the brands you follow on Facebook, think of all your friends that have once invited you to like their page. How many of their posts still show up on your Timeline?

Create a Facebook group and build a community around that group. People tend to engage more with groups since it is easier for them to make their own contribution and feel a sense of belonging to the community.

But having a Facebook group doesn’t really solve the problem. You can still have a group that no one is engaging with except for people spamming the group with their links.

In building a Facebook group, you have to be consistent in engaging your audience, add only relevant people who are interested in your brand to the group. This will help keep your group engaging and at the same time serve as an alternative to some Facebook ad campaign.

Grow with the right audience

Whether on Facebook group or the page you created for your business, it is very important to grow with the right audience, especially when running a Facebook promotion to get page likes. The right audience will definitely engage with your products and services in the long run, this is why they are very much important.

To build your page effectively, you need to begin by asking these 3 basic questions;

  • Who are my audience?
  • Where can I find these audience?
  • What kind of content will these audience like most?

Knowing your audience, where you can find them and what they like, will go a long way to create a lasting engagement on your Facebook page.

Running your Facebook Ad

Some Facebook ads are not just successful simply because some important things are not put into consideration. The post title, description, image and video on your ad will go a long way to decide if people will respond or not.

Write good titles
What does the title of your Facebook ad copy look like? Lets consider these two titles;

Facebook Marketing strategies to scale your business
10 Facebook Marketing Strategies worth implementing in 2019

Which of these titles will people most likely click on? if you guessed it correctly, people will most likely click on the later because it has a current time frame (2019) and contains a certain number of strategies (10) which might be unknown to the target audience.

Your title will go a long way to determine if people will interact with your post or not. This is essential to get the attention of your target audience when they scroll past their Timeline. Using numbers in your post title has been proven to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of a Facebook ad.

Use provoking images and videos
Over the years, buzzfeed has grown to become one of the biggest news and entertainment company in the world. How did they get successful and what lessons can you learn from them when running your social media campaign? With over 18 million followers on their different platform on Facebook and Twitter, Buzzfeed properly harnessed the usefulness of click bait titles and images in getting users attention on their platform with majority of their website traffic coming from Facebook alone.

By using a striking image, Buzzfeed is able to get the attention of their audience to create one of the most engaging platforms on Facebook.

Pay attention to the first 3 days
When you are running a Facebook ad, you need to pay attention to the first 3 days of your campaign. This is when the ad converts most. This period, Facebook shows the ad from the most relevant audience to the least relevant.

After the first 3 days, you might notice that your ad is not converting properly again, all you have to do is to experiment by increasing your reach to target more of the similar audience you have chosen. If after doing this and the ad is still not converting. Kill the Facebook ad.

This will help prevent you from spending your more money on a less relevant audience

The most important part of any successful Facebook ad campaign is finding the right audience, if you can find the right audience, you have solved half of the problem.

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